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Workspaces, Story maps, User roles: Members, Administrators, Viewers

The top level organizer in StoriesOnBoard is a workspace. Story maps are created under a workspace. A workspace can have members who are registered users in StoriesOnBoard. Members are added to a workspace by workspace or story map administrators by invitation.
Workspace members can have the following roles:

  • can view contents of the story maps she have access to
  • an observer in a workspace can only be a viewer on a story map

  • can create story maps if she is allowed to (it's a separated setting for the member if she is allowed to create a story map in the workspace)
  • can access story maps that she have access permissions to
  • can manage story maps (create, delete, manage permissions)
  • can manage workspace members (add, remove, set role, give "can create story map" permission)
Subscription admin
  • All that an admin can do and
  • will be able to manage subscription plan, billing data, payment details (currently under development)
Story maps can be accessed only by those who have the proper permissions for the given map. Access is given by the workspace administrator or the story map administrator.
Story map collaborators can have the following roles:

Viewer: can open story map and view all it's data
Member: can open story map and edit all it's data
  • can open story map and edit all it's data
  • can delete the story map
  • can manage story map's collaborators (add, remove, set role)
  • can manage story map's settings (name, integration)
  • can manage releases (add, remove, reorder)

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