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  1. Can I get a refund?

  2. Can my company pay by Purchase Order or receive invoices?

  3. How are accounts on paid plans billed?

  4. How can I edit my billing information or change the credit card data?

  5. How can I get a receipt for charges from StoriesOnBoard?

  6. How can I transfer ownership of a workspace/subscription?

  7. How do I become the admin for users with trial accounts so that I can manage the monthly subscription payment?

  8. How do I cancel my subscription?

  9. How do I change my subscription plan?

  10. How do I delete my user account?

  11. How do I delete/remove a story map I no longer need

  12. How do I move or rearrange releases

  13. How do I subscribe to the paid subscription?

  14. How does the 14-day free trial work?

  15. How is my credit card information handled?

  16. How to send cards to Trello, JIRA and Pivotal Tracker

  17. How to sync estimation field with Story points in Jira

  18. I can't see how to display the "status" of a card

  19. I forgot to enter my VAT number. Can you refund the VAT and issue another receipt without the VAT?

  20. I would like to copy my board and create another one based on it

  21. Story details formatting options using Markdown

  22. What does the "Start Presentation" button do

  23. What does the term “editor” mean? How number of editors are calculated in a subscription?

  24. What does the term “observer” mean? What does it mean that a subscription can have unlimited number of observers?

  25. What happens when I switch between paid plans in the middle of a billing period?

  26. What if we have multiple accounts/workspaces, but need one subscription? How to move maps between workspaces?

  27. What is this? What is a story map? How to use this tool?

  28. What is VAT? Why is it included in the fee?

  29. Which forms of payment do you accept?

  30. Workspaces, Story maps, User roles: Members, Administrators, Viewers

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